In 2011, Tanza – breath taking female singer from Chile – contacted Sandra and Thomas, asking them to join as special guests on the debut album “Metal Through The Time” of her Speed Metal band Demona.
The album was released on May 3rd, 2012. The title song is collaboration of members of different 1980ies underground metal bands. Musicians from Poltergeist, Warrant, Medusa, Destructor, Wardance and others made their contributions to this song. Lyrics and list of musicians.

The album also contains a cover version of the Wardance hit song “Don´t Play With Fire”.


Metal Through The Time

Don´t Play With Fire (Wardance Cover)
Music by Wardance. Lyrics by Thomas Heyer (All rights reserved!)

Beside her work as a singer, Tanza is also a successful designer of clothing.
Check it out under www.speed-clothes.com.

       Wardance bathing suite by "Speed Clothes"